Briefly noted -- Accessus: A Journal of Premodern Literature and New Media
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Briefly noted -- Accessus: A Journal of Premodern Literature and New Media

Readers of Modern Medieval will want to go take a look at the inaugural issue of Accessus, a publication of the Gower Project. This excellent-looking first issue includes the following essays that bring together disability studies, medieval studies, manuscript studies, and new media:
In the "Introduction," Editors Georgiana Donavin and Eve Salisbury describe the work of Accessus and of this volume as follows:
Inventive theoretical approaches and the use of current technologies in interpreting Gower?s poems have been part of The Gower Project since its inception. To en-vision, re-vision, and see things anew is something of a leitmotif among the several essays presented here, all of which enable us to engage actively in contemporary concerns and at the same time recognize how the writings of the past encourage us to embrace such opportunities.
Hopefully next week I'll have a review up of these four essays, but for now, some finals week(s) reading for all of you. Also, see Bruce Holsinger's take over at Burnable Books.

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