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Busy Bee

Apologies to followers for not posting to the blog in the last two weeks. Life has been frenetic this month. Nothing bad, just busy.
Am behind on my reviews. Will be back on deck as soon as possible.
Book reviews still to come this month:
Sons of Thunder (Raven #2) by Giles Kristian
The Lion Rampant (Kingdom Trilogy #3) by Robert Low
The Splintered Kingdom (1066: the Bloody Aftermath #2) by James Aitcheson

and I am currently reading a really great book:

Pure by Andrew Miller

- MM

- Sure Is A Bloody Aftermath: The Splintered Kingdom By James Aitcheson
Splintered Kingdom by James AitchesonIn this, the second instalment of the Bloody Aftermath of 1066 series by James Aitcheson, we meet our hero again in happier times. Only this book is set against the Welsh Marches and a backdrop of violent reprisal...

- Seal Stew Anyone?: Sons Of Thunder By Giles Kristian
Sons of Thunder by Giles KristianI probably say this too often and now here I go again. Journey adventures. This is my favourite type of historical fiction. I loathe being stuck in the one place in a book, ie a castle, an army camp, a ship. My...

- Style And Substance: The Lion Rampant By Robert Low
The Lion Rampant by Robert LowOn most books you will find captured quotes on the front and back covers. These are quotes from book reviewers at newspapers (ie The Sunday Times), other authors (generally well known ones writing within the same genre as...

- Author Robert Low - Why I Really Like His Books And Stuff
In recent days, Richard Lee from the Historical Novel Society, Justin Lindsay (HNS member and fellow blogger) and myself (as a guest contributor), collaborated on an article for the Historical Novel Society. It was timed to go out with the launch...

- Medieval Hungary Blog On Break?
No, the Medieval Hungary blog is not on a break. I've just been too busy to write things here during the last few weeks, but I have several posts in the making - including a review of the Europa Jagellonica exhibition, as well as book reviews and...

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