Has the lost Leonardo da Vinci painting been found?
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Has the lost Leonardo da Vinci painting been found?

Researchers are now even closer to answering the question if The Battle of Anghiari is still hidden in the walls of Florence?s Palazzo Vecchio. Led by scientist Maurizio Seracini, a team of researchers have uncovered evidence late last year that appears to support the theory that a lost Leonardo da Vinci painting existed on the east wall of the Hall of the 500, behind Giorgio Vasari?s mural The Battle of Marciano.

The data supporting the theoretical location of the da Vinci painting ?The Battle of Anghiari? was obtained through the use of an endoscopic probe that was inserted through the wall on which the Vasari fresco was painted. The probe was fitted with a camera and allowed a team of researchers to see what was behind the Vasari and gather samples for further testing.

Using an endoscopic, researchers were able to view the wall behind the Vasari mural and obtain samples for analysis. The data from chemical analysis, while not conclusive, suggest the possibility that the da Vinci painting, long assumed to have been destroyed in the mid-16th century when the Hall of the 500 was completely remodeled, might exist behind the Vasari.

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