K'zoo Postmortem
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K'zoo Postmortem

Well, K'zoo is over. I am back in my office working on my Margery Kempe article, a small portion of which I presented--I want to be done with this article and move on to other projects. I feel deflated--I attended so many good sessions and presided over two great sessions (one that I organized--so I was pleased that even though it was a Sunday morning session and it was cold and wet, 20-some people came out to hear about Teaching the Mystics) that all the intellectual stimulation over-stimulated me. What's the word for intellectually amped and emotionally drained?...I'm sure there is one out there.

I look forward to going back next year (that was my fourth K'zoo in six years). But, now I have a summer of research ahead of me.

In the meantime, read the adventures of the Tiny Shriner at K'zoo here. I feel like Modern Medieval needs a mascot. Despite, their complete dismissal of gnomes over at ITM, I have a gnome in my office that the students love. He is my Big Lots Gnome...that's right he's from Big Lots. And he is awesome. Clearly, I need to attach a pic. I will have to do that.

For other K'zoo shenanigans: read Richard Scott Noke's blog. Did I see you in Muggs (the coffeshop) on Saturday morning? I'm not sure; I was very late for the blog meet up because I had to take the shuttle from the Holiday Inn (the wife and kids took the car for the day)...oh well, next year.

That is a wrap.

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