Rahman reviews: Knight, Reading Robin Hood
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Rahman reviews: Knight, Reading Robin Hood

Sabina Rahman recently reviewed: Stephen Knight, Reading Robin Hood, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2015, for Medievally Speaking:
Reading Robin Hood stands as Stephen Knight?s third book devoted to the outlaw hero, preceded by Robin Hood: A Complete Study of the English Outlaw (1994) andRobin Hood: a Mythic Biography (2003), and demonstrates some deviation from these earlier works by containing a stronger theoretical focus. While A Complete Study was a wonderfully detailed overview of the myth and A Mythic Biographytraced the manner in which the myth changed and evolved and how it operated politically, this book situates itself much more in the Greenwood gloaming as it attempts to address points of unclarity in the outlaw tradition and associated scholarship. In his usual meticulous style, Knight draws together disparate threads of scholarship within this rhizomatic field of study, his distinct voice containing not only the attention to detail that one has come to expect from him but also a clear and unabashed enthusiasm for the subject matter. Though the book weaves in and out of eras and discussions, because the nature of the texts and discussions cannot be neatly constrained by either of those features, it is split into eight discrete chapters. READ FULL REVIEW HERE

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