Remains of Richard III confirmed
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Remains of Richard III confirmed

The University of Leicester made the official announcement today that the human remains recovered last September in a car park in Leicester do belong to the English King Richard III.

Please see our article It is Richard III: ?beyond reasonable doubt?

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The DNA and scientific testing to confirm whether or not the remains of an individual discovered in Leicester is that of England?s King Richard III will be known early in the new year, according to officials from the University of Leicester. DNA testing,...

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The Richard III Foundation, Inc. is calling for the remains of King Richard III to be brought home to York and interred at York Minster. Last week, the remains of a male skeleton were discovered in Leicester during an archaeological dig aimed at finding...

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The Richard III Foundation has come out with strong support for the archaeological dig that is underway in Leicester, which hopes to find the remains of King Richard III and end a 500-year-old mystery of where is his last resting place. The University...

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The University of Leicester and Leicester City Council, in association with the Richard III Society, are starting an archaeological dig to find the remains of King Richard III, the only English monarch whose resting place remains unknown. On Saturday...

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A team of historians and archaeologists may have found the remains of one of the most maligned English monarchs, Richard III. The bones which were discovered in a parking lot in Leicester are thought to be a "prime candidate" for the king. Although not...

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