Shipwreck from Mongol Invasion fleet discovered off Japan
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Shipwreck from Mongol Invasion fleet discovered off Japan

Archaeologists from the University of the Ryukyus in Japan have discovered large parts of a Mongolian/Chinese ship that was likely part of the Mongol invasion fleet that tried to invade the island in 1281. The find is the first intact wreck related to invasion attempts of Japan by the Mongolian ruler, Kublai Khan.

Led by Yoshifumi Ikeda, the archaeologists found the near complete hull structure about 1-meter under the seabed, and about 20-25 meters beneath the ocean?s surface off the Takashima Island near Nagasaki. The discovery is so monumental because much of the hull has remained intact, including a 12-meter section of the keels with rows of planks attached to the keel, Ikeda reported. The vessel appears to be well preserved due to the cover of sand.

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