Brief hiatus
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Brief hiatus

Harpswell, Lincolnshire 5, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.

My apologies for the hiatus in posting since before Christmas. My wife and my father have both been ill and have spent time in hospital over Christmas and consequently I have been unable to get to the computer. Both are now on the mend so expect some posts over the coming weeks, including one on the Arma Christi, another on stained glass in Norwich, yet another on the liturgiologist Vernon Staley and if you are lucky even more medieval vestments!!

I will also try and catch up with your comments, thanks for your patience.

Happy New Year.

BTW the other day when I was entertaining the kids with a spot of churchcrawling, I came across this rather battered late medieval bench end decorated with the five wounds. It is in Harpswell church in Lincolnshire. I thought it rather unusual with the inclusion of the chevron on the shield.

Harpswell, Lincolnshire 4

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