All that remains of a lost medieval church
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All that remains of a lost medieval church

Hannah, Lincolnshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.

The medieval church at Hannah in the Lincolnshire marsh was demolished in the eighteenth century and replaced with a rather charming classial building. All that remains of the medieval building are one or two elements of a fifteenth century door. If the fragments are anything to go by the building was rather fine. The jambs of the door were decorated with standing figures of the twelve apostles, each holding their attributes. On one stone is a fragmentary inscription asking for prayers for the soul of William Smythe and his wife, presumably the donors of the doorway. All very interesting.

Hannah-cum-Hagnaby, Lincolnshire

Hannah, Lincolnshire
St Andrew with his saltire cross and St John (?)

Hannah, Lincolnshire
Detail of St Andrew

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