The origin of two of Sir Ninian Comper's textile designs
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The origin of two of Sir Ninian Comper's textile designs

The Gothic revival designer Sir Ninian Comper (1864-1960) was a master at creating richly decorated ecclesiastical furniture and interiors. Many of the elements in his design work, notably his textiles, were derived from medieval sources, mostly North European panel paintings. Here are a couple of examples:

This is Rogier Van der Weyden's exhumation of St Hubert, 1437-40, in the National Gallery:

Comper used the figure on the far right of this painting, in the red and gold coat, as the source for his 'St Hubert' brocatelle:

Another Van der Weyden panel, the Annunciation in the St Columba altarpiece of c.1455, now in Munich, was the source for another pattern.

The pattern of the bed hanging behind Our Lady's head, provided the pattern for his 'Van de Weyden'textile:

Incidentally both of these textiles are still available commercially from Watts and Co.
For more of Comper's textiles it's worth having a look in the Comper Flickr pool:

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