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Apologies for the lack of posts since June 24. Something fried in the Medieval Mayhem side of my brain and I forgot my password for many days. I also temporarily misplaced the notebook where I had the password written down.  I am back on track now.  What was fried has been unfried.

- MM

- Briefly Noted -- Accessus: A Journal Of Premodern Literature And New Media
Readers of Modern Medieval will want to go take a look at the inaugural issue of Accessus, a publication of the Gower Project. This excellent-looking first issue includes the following essays that bring together disability studies, medieval studies, manuscript...

- Fabyowlis
That, you see, is how "fabulous" is spelled when you're Miss I writing about your week-end.  And indeed the adventures these chickitas managed to have bespeaks some serious fabyowlosity. How long, do you think, before Miss E joins a punk band? ...

- Dictionary Of Old English Plea
Dear ISAS Members, I hope this all finds you well, surviving the collective end of terms and semesters, and looking forward to what I am sure are well-deserved breaks. As Roberta Frank recently reminded me, The Dictionary of Old English is...

- International Studies In Medievalism(s) Call For Student Participation
The International Conference on Medievalism ( will be hosted by Kent State University Regional Campuses (particularly Stark and Trumbull) on October 18-20, 2012, on the Stark Campus.  This...

- Aumbry Door
Many of our churches still retain the evidence of aumbries, the secure lockers that served as the repository for valuables before the invention of the safe.  They are a common feature let into the side walls beside both...

Medieval History