Medieval History

The origin of two of Sir Ninian Comper's textile designs

The fur Almuce - a long forgotten bit of choir dress

Elevation Squints in screens

The Palm Sunday Cross

Where I work - a Perpendicular masterpiece

Norman door tympana

Pre-Reformation Devotional Images of Our Lady

Percy Dearmer and the the Warham Guild

Tower transplant

Nottingham Alabaster Altarpieces

Palimpsest Wallpaintings

Spandrel paintings in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Churches - Building Materials

'who caused this church to be built'

The hanging pyx

All that remains of a lost medieval church

Sir John Bolle and his Spanish Lady

Hanging pyxes part II - some examples of its modern revival

Fourteenth century wallpainting

A long-lost Comper commission?

Seminar on Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales receives funding

Notre Dame announces first chair in Byzantine Studies

Call for applications



Remains of Richard III confirmed

Master's House in Ledbury dates back to the 15th century


CFP: Medievalism of Nostalgia

Volcanology Gets Cool - POMPEII by Robert Harris

Back to School (Virginia Tech)

Accessible Pasts

Share and Share Alike

Students Present Research at National Conference on Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Colosseum Cleaning Yields Ancient Art Discoveries Including Old Frescos, Graffiti

ON behalf of Monica Green

Capture of King Edmund

Jesus Pickle: ISCARIOT: A NOVEL OF JUDAS by Tosca Lee

All that remains of a lost medieval church

Iron Age Inverness

Brantley Bryant brings medieval history to life

Rahman reviews: Knight, Reading Robin Hood

K'zoo Postmortem

Icelandic MP Moves Elves? Boulder to His Home


Journal of Medieval History releases December 2009 issue

Shipwreck from Mongol Invasion fleet discovered off Japan

Reminder: Shifting Frontiers Conference CFP

Update: Staffordshire Hoard Saved for the Nation

£7.5m project to revitalize Chester Cathedral