Medieval History

The origin of two of Sir Ninian Comper's textile designs

The fur Almuce - a long forgotten bit of choir dress

Elevation Squints in screens

The Palm Sunday Cross

Where I work - a Perpendicular masterpiece

Norman door tympana

Pre-Reformation Devotional Images of Our Lady

Percy Dearmer and the the Warham Guild

Tower transplant

Nottingham Alabaster Altarpieces

Palimpsest Wallpaintings

Spandrel paintings in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Churches - Building Materials

'who caused this church to be built'

The hanging pyx

All that remains of a lost medieval church

Sir John Bolle and his Spanish Lady

Hanging pyxes part II - some examples of its modern revival

Fourteenth century wallpainting

A long-lost Comper commission?

Fugelso reviews Resonances: Historical Essays on Continuity and Change

Conservation work to begin on medieval chapel in Malta

Medieval African discovered in England

Richard III: Visions of a villain?

Workshop technique - glass from East Harling, Norfolk

Learning about the Middle Ages can't get you a job (so says The National Post)

New Voices in Anglo-Saxon Studies CFP (again)

Celtic Conference in Classics

An Empire of Memory: The Legend of Charlemagne, the Franks, and Jerusalem before the First Crusade

Imperial Rome Part 3: 3rd Emperor Caligula- The Man Who Lost His Mind

Hungarian Medieval Charters Digitized

LTPSC Book of Hours: Mary's Divine Coronation, Betrayal of Judas, Holy Ghost Descends. Plus a small smattering of strawberries.

New Mappa Mundi Exhibition at Hereford Cathedral

Gorgias Press

Renovation of medieval church to begin

Early Medieval Hanging Bowl Discovered

Centres of royal power: New findings about the realms of medieval itinerant kings

Post in Religion At Simpson

Aga Khan Trust helps restore 16th century tomb


Restoration of the wall paintings of Torna / Tur?a nad Bodvou

Couple tomb of Northern Song Dynasty discovered in China


Back to School (Virginia Tech)

The Times Stephen Spender Prize: Irish Poetry and Prizes

Rock and Roll Downunder - The Pilbara Petroglyphs

£15.7 million given out to repair 154 churches in England

Nicholson reviews Riley-Smith, The Crusades, Christianity, and Islam

£357,430 for research into Middle English verse forms

Morton W. Bloomfield Visiting Scholar Program (Harvard)